Vietnam Landscape

Hi everyone. I believe every Singaporean photographer should come to Vietnam to photograph the country’s many beautiful landscape. Going to Vietnam for photography, in some way, is like going back in time. Despite the country has modern cities like Hanoi or Saigon, the vast area in the mountains to the North of Hanoi is home to tribal groups, whose life remain similar to many years ago. The scenery is untouched and surely you will get great landscape and peoples’ shot there. There are also many Vietnam photography tours that you can participate in, if you want this to be organized.



Attractive. When is the right time to visit this place?

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Cool pics. Love asian countries…

@Momentlives great photos

Around September is the best time, parc-clematis. You can check out this Vietnam photo tour and there will be some more info. I will be hosting this one as well.

Thank you Black Pearl. Let me know anytime you’re in Vietnam and need advice of places to shoot.

Thank you Paul. Asian countries are surely places where we can shoot for good.