Shooting ISS from Singapore

A friend told me that we can see the ISS (International space station) with our naked eyes in some occasions. I further searched and found out pictures/trails of ISS people took. Has anyone here did that from Singapore. how do we know the exact time in which we can see the ISS over our city?

There is a page in the NASA website providing the details about sighting information of ISS. Use the below link to get the most recent updates regarding the sighting opportunities from Singapore.

As of today, there are three upcoming opportunities are listed in this page on Oct 16,17and 18. Oct 7th is the longest, 6 Min.

Date Visible Max Height Appears Disappears Share Event
Tue Oct 16, 8:32 PM 1 min 22° 10° above NW 22° above WNW
Wed Oct 17, 7:40 PM 6 min 60° 10° above NNW 15° above SE
Thu Oct 18, 8:28 PM < 1 min 11° 11° above SW 10° above SW

Be ready with your camera. Cheers.

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