Photography Newbie

Hi, I’m currently a student and was working on a project, was curious about a few photography related questions:

  1. If you got a chance to trade your old lens/camera for a new lens/camera by just topping up equivalent money (according to the new product), will you agree with it?
  2. What features will you look into when buying a new camera?
  3. What activities/event would you like to see/experience when walking into a camera retail store?
  4. What is your favourite type of photography? (Landscape,Portrait…etc)
  5. Do you have a favourite camera brand & camera model? Why?

Thank you.

  1. Yes
  2. if is a full frame, number of compatible lenses, connectivity options etc
  3. I just want to try the camera, thats all
  4. Portrait
  5. Nikon, I dont know why :slight_smile:

Hi there, if you want to know more about photography, how it works and whats the best camera to use this might help you You will learn a lot from there. Hope this helps.