Model Photoshoot for all Photographers

Model Name: Summer Ng (Summer Ng)

Date : 27 Nov 2020 ( Friday ) | 9 – 11am
Price : $60 per shooter
Outfits: 2 sets
Slots : 3 persons Max
Direct message me on my fb/insta page ( @joey.yann ), Telegram JL or WhatsApp 97227715 to signup.

Location : Emerald Hill located near Somerset ( Walking Distance )
Refreshments such as unlimited drinks during shoot – water, green tea, isotonic drink will be provided

Indoor shoot, rain or shine, shoot sure go on, unless model sick. Don’t need to worry about bag missing, dirty ground or mosquito bite.

Also, stay safe and healthy.

Thank you and show some support.

Please indicate your interest here :
Time : 9 – 11am

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