Best Places to Capture Sunrise in Singapore

Following my post best-places-to-capture-sunset-in-singapore, I am creating another post to list down the best spots for capturing sunrises and morning golden hour photography in Singapore. (Many of you may be already familiar to these places, I know :sunglasses:)

  1. Merlion Park
    This is one of my favourite place to witness the rising sun and capture the wonderful moments. This place is easily accessible and very near to the Raffles Place MRT station. The rising sun can be shot along with the giant Marina Bay Sands hotel and Singapore flyer in the frame.

  2. Pualu Ubin
    This small island is a short bumboat trip away from Changi Village. Admission to the island is free. Unfortunately regular boat services only run during daylight hours. It will be best to camp in the island for shooting. For capturing sunrise, the best place is chek jawa.

    PC: Shital Khandar

  3. Lower Seletar Reservoir Park
    Located in the northeastern part of Singapore, this park is one of the best place to capture the sunrise.

  4. Changi Board Walk
    The Changi Boardwalk, also known as Changi Point Coastal Walk is a popular spot for golden hour photography. This place is located at the eastern part of singapore.

  5. East Coast Park aka ECP
    This is another place in the eastern part of singapore where you can shoot the rising sun. This is a beach park, near to the changi airport area.

    PC: Eugene Phoen

And this list in not complete… Feel free to comment and like :smile:

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Punggol Waterway Park